Potential tenants are offered 228 m2 of commercial space in Riga, Citadeles Street 6, on the first floor of the front side of the house, with a separate entrance directly from the street, at a relatively inexpensive fair market price.

There is a rare offer of new and energy-efficient commercial premises on the first floors of new buildings in the center of Riga. It is especially difficult to find rooms on the front side of the house, with large glazed showcases and a separate entrance directly from the street, easily accessible including in an accessible place, with a large traffic flow and public parking. The demand for such objects is very high. The Aldis agencies have their say. Aldis Jūrmala owner Aldis Lezdiņš, introducing the magazine and portal varianti.lv with the new commercial premises at Citadeles Street 6. They are located next to the Old Town in a prestigious place in the Citadele quarter, directly opposite Citadele Bank and the Ministry of Agriculture high-rise building.

The current offer is their debut in the rental market. This object has several advantages in comparison, - Aldis Lezdiņš says convincingly - first of all, of course, we should mention the well-known law, which was also mentioned with regard to real estate by Donald Tramp, the former president of the USA, who got his fortune in real estate - and it is, place and place again! The house on Citadeles Street 6 is in a great location - the Old Town and the Quiet Center are only a short walk away. Directly opposite is the head office of Citadele Bank and the high-rise building of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Latvia. The distance to Riga Castle is only 300 meters, to the Daugava embankment - 250, to Riga Passenger Port - 500. Public transport stops are nearby - buses, trams and trolleybuses, route taxis, as well as the main streets of the center of Riga. At the same time, the building is located in a quieter place inside the quarter. By car it is easy and fast (even when the traffic is busy, you can get to the airport in 12-15 minutes, and in Jurmala in 30 minutes, because the strategic Vanšu Bridge is 100 meters away, the embankment of November Str. 11 is a little further.

The advantages of the location of Citadeles Street 6 have already been assessed by several companies. There are four commercial premises on the ground floor of the building, three of which have already been leased, and the tenants of the premises are the interior design company Katz, the company Vial, which offers beauty services, and the Finnish engineering company Castor Construction. This shows that these premises are suitable for companies in various fields - IT, design, architecture, legal, insurance or financial sector. Here you can place a small medical service, a dental office or a beauty salon - the building is equipped with a modern ventilation system that meets the following requirements for the use of the premises. There is only one exception - the owners of this room do not intend to rent it to a catering establishment.

- Please describe the terms of the commercial space and lease offered again.

- The premises are 228 m2 wide, they have an open layout, which allows to adapt the premises to the specific requirements of the tenant's company. The height of the ceiling is three meters, and the wide shop windows facing Citadele Bank and the Ministry of Agriculture are just as high. The entrance is directly from Citadele Street. The total area also has two separate rooms (7.6 and 2.6 m2) for facilities, one of which can be equipped with a shower room or a small office kitchenette.
The whole complex is energy efficient - heating bills are low. For example, in February, the total payment for utilities was less than 500 euros, because the monthly service fee is 0.85 euros per square meter. The radiators in the heating system are built into the floor along the outer perimeter of the room (window) and take up only a small amount of the usable area of the room.

Lease terms: landlords want to enter into a long-term lease with a term of 5-10 years. The price? Until the end of 2024, the monthly rent will be 9,5 euros / m2, plus utility payments. During the renovation of the premises (from three to four months) rental holidays will be offered, the tenant will only have to pay for utilities. Therefore, if you are looking for prestigious commercial premises in a great (excellent) place, and at a relatively small, adequate market price, we will be waiting for you in Riga, Citadeles Street 6.

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