The construction of a new residential quarter, Dreilinga mājas, just began directly on the border of Riga (in Stopinu region). Within the framework of this project, the developer, Bonava Latvija, intends to build 16 new five-storey apartment buildings, whose estimated cost will be 40 million euros. They will be built stage by stage. The first one includes two buildings, which are scheduled to be completed at the end of 2019. According to the project, each buildings will have 58 apartments, but so far apartments of only one of these buildings are offered for sale. At the same time, in January less than a dozen apartments remained free. The offered prices ranging from 61,000 to 91,000 euros with a full finish. Each apartment as a bonus relies storage room in the basement. Fully quarter Dreilinga mājas should be implemented in 2023 and will consist of 700 apartments.
In 2019, 750 apartments will be under construction in seven Bonava company Latvija projects. By the end of December, the developer intends to commission 475 of them.