The third house of the J5 residential complex was commissioned in the Quiet center of Riga. This event means that new dwellers and renters are welcomed in all parts of the new project J5. Although the first houses of which residents began to colonize since the spring. J5 apartments are offered for sale as well as for long-term rent. One third part of all offer is already occupied.

J5 is a wonderful example of the transformation of a degraded places in historical heart of Riga into a modern and attractive living environment. The complex is located at the intersection of streets Jeruzalemes and Dzirnavu. The starting point for the idea of the J5 was a four-storey brick building of the XIX century, the author of the project is the architect Florian von Viganovsky. Respectful to historical charm and architectural heritage, completely and carefully renovated and at the same time filled with modern functionality, the old house blended harmoniously with the ensemble of three buildings. Two of them are absolutely new.

The first 7-storey new building is located on the corner and decorated with brick lining. The historic building is adjoining to it from the side of Jeruzalemes street. Both buildings together form the well-balanced beautiful facade. The second new house (eight floors) is located a bit in the depth of the site. Which, however, does not affect any way windows views of most of its apartments.

"We have here 41 apartments: 26 - in facade houses and 15 - in the eight-storey building. We tried to provide potential buyers with a wide range of housing: from one to four bedrooms and with areas from 45 to 200 square m2, - talks J5 sales manager Ilze Zarane. - We made a product that could satisfy the high demands of modern customers. I am talking about the housing itself and about the services we offer. All the apartments in the complex, except those located on the upper floors and penthouses, are available to customers with full decoration, made in modern stylistics. Exclusively high-quality materials and elements of famous international brands were used here. Two-layer parquet oak board for floors of apartments. Plumbing comes from top brands: DURAVIT and PAA, with HansGrohe water mixers. All apartments have built-in LED back-lighting and centred area lighting. An electronic system for reading utility service consumption metres is installed for each apartment. Apartments have particularly high sound-resilience levels, both between apartments and between front doors and communal areas. Storage space for personal belongings, prams, and bicycles is provided in the complex. A KABA master key system is installed for residents' comfort. Commax intercoms connect to each apartment, the concierge service, and the entrance. J5 has surface and underground car parks with ramps. Fireplaces are made in the apartments of the last two floors. "

Most of the apartments in the J5 complex have balconies or terraces, and the high windows allow to fill the rooms with natural daylight. The territory of the complex is completely fenced, 24/7 video surveillance. You can get inside by using an electronic key.

If you consider the classic sale, then the apartments in J5 are offered at prices from 175 000 euros. The most expensive offer J5 is a penthouse of an internal building with a total area of ​​281.6 m2. It has a private elevator. Its property is waiting for its buyer with the price of 1.082 million euros. Landmark for those who are used to operating the cost per m2 - from 3,280 euros per m2 with complete finishing.

In the beginning of this summer over one third of all available apartments are already leased or reserved for purchase. According to the owners of the complex, among the J5 customers are both - locals and Europeans. Among tenants of J5 are mostly representatives of embassies and international companies.