On 22 July at 12.00 residents of Jūrmala and city guests are invited to attend a special event: Bulduru Market opening after extensive renovation. Everyone will have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the beautifully restored historic building while indulging in local delicacies. To enhance the festive atmosphere, organizers have meticulously crafted a program that includes delightful treats, entertaining games for children, exciting contests, and, naturally, lively music.

Bulduru Market representative Andris Litiņš comments on the process of renovating the historic building: “Bulduru Market has been well-known to everyone since childhood, from the stories of our grandmothers and parents. It has that special spirit of old Jūrmala: there have always been fresh products, bread straight out of the oven, and a variety of treats – everything your heart craves! But as time passed, the market needed renovation. Right now, after the reconstruction, we are proud to have maintained the authentic architecture of the building by adapting the facilities to the needs of today's visitors.”

The function of the market has changed nowadays: “Today it's a place where you don't only go for groceries but also to meet up, discuss the city news, or enjoy a delicious meal. I hope in the future the market will become a daily stop-off – a place to have your morning coffee or pick up whatever you need for dinner when you go home in the evening,” Litiņš comments, revealing the market’s functional concept.

“Bulduru Market has become a well-known place over time,” believes Andris Bērziņš, redevelopment project author and managing architect at the architecture firm ARCHAB. “Every city resident knows where it is; you don't have to give an address.” The site has now gained a new lease of life, and the building's expressive silhouette adds to the urban landscape of the town of Bulduri.

The market's history goes back a really long time. The site has always been a hub where people gathered, shopped, and met friends. After the reconstruction, a wonderful terrace was built in the market – its style is defined by bright, vibrant summer colours. The market interior was changed, too; architects used warm tones and natural materials with historic patina – wood elements, a glass block wall, and a concrete floor. Gastronomy fans will be delighted to see popular brands, such as 10 Hits, Pienaveikals, Hartvik F and ManguMangas, as well as self-produced farmers' goods from Z/S Brieži and Z/S Vārpas, and special Georgian culinary delicacies. It is worth mentioning that Bulduru Market is the first place in Latvia where Pienaveikals and ManguMangas products are available for on-site purchase. Broad market counters, local traders, familiar names and a diverse range of products – all in one place.

According to the project's interior design author Roberts Valdmanis, the market's visual image was created using materials, scale and senses that reflect the real vibe of Jūrmala. “The main idea was to create a perfect space for leisurely conversations, choices and tastings. The market's history in a new shape is felt in every nuance,” reveals Valdmanis.

“Speaking of sustainability, it should be mentioned that the building has become more energy-efficient – the newly installed roof structures ensure insulation, while the facade finishing has a new cladding. Throughout the whole building, we have installed central heating along with modern air conditioners, to ensure comfort and well-being at all seasons,” explains Litiņš.

Recent weeks have been particularly active at Bulduru Market – altogether, renovation took place for full eight months. The primary goal of the project was to revive the historic Bulduru Market building, enhancing its appeal and thereby adding to the city's overall visual aesthetics and reputation.

The Bulduru market building has been granted market status. Several marketplaces and parking spots have been established, including some for people with special needs, as well as two charging points for electric cars. Bulduru Market is the first place in Jūrmala where the charging station reaches 150 kW, when one car is being charged, halving to 75 kW each if two cars are being charged simultaneously. In the future, it is planned to add more brands at the market – cafes and fast food chains.