This autumn, a renovated office complex of B+ class, called the Riverside Office, will be commissioned in Riga. Riverside Office is based on the 9-storey building of the Institute of Agroprojekts, built in 1970. The total area of this new office market player will be 9,000 square meters. After large-scale repair, the complex will meet the most modern requirements. The offices will have full finish. Company Starlex Real Estate opened its renting offer for clients. The company notes that the building has not only an office space, but also commercial premises, a modern conference hall for 200 people, as well as public terraces on the seventh and eighth floors. The building has brand new utilities, air conditioning, ventilation systems meet all modern requirements, new gas heating, and new five high-speed elevators. The Riverside Office complex has its own parking places for 90 cars. Picture of the building before renovation.