In the Riga's district over the river - Pardaugava, the first house of the Melnsila kvartāls project was just commissioned. The project is an architectural ensemble of two historic wooden buildings. There are eight apartments ranging from 24 to 112 square meters in the renovated house on 33 Kristaps street. For the convenience of their new owners on the ground floor for each apartment provides a place to store personal belongings, and in the closed courtyard - a place for car parking. Now reconstruction work continues in the second house - on 14 Melnsila street. They plan to complete it in the summer. This building has 24 apartments ranging from 19 to 108 m2. All of them, just as in the first house, are sold. The only free property - commercial premises of 90 m2. But those who wish to settle in Melnsila kvartāls will still have such an opportunity: in the framework of the third stage of the project, the developer will build a 3-storey residential new building. A construction site required for it has already been reserved on 35 Kristaps street.