First two houses of a project Akācijas implemented in the Imanta district of Riga, the were commissioned. The Akācijas project is located on Jūrmalas gatve, 92, and Akācijas, 2d. These two 9 floors buildings have 112 apartments - with one, two and three bedrooms. Area is from 39 to 79 square meters. All apartments are offered fully finished at prices ranging from 1 660 euros per square meter. The developer, KBO company emphasizes low utility bills in the Akācijas complex . In other projects of this company, the cost of maintaining of a three-bedroom apartment in the winter period does not exceed 120 euros, including heating bills. The whole new complex Akācijas consists of four 9 floors buildings, the remaining two buildings will be commissioned until the end of this spring. The project has 216 apartments totaly. Akācijas has its own cars and bicycles parking places and some children's playgrounds.