Two new residential projects has been begun in the Riga’s district Agenskalns. The biggest one is Sentimento with 28 apartments on the 24 Agenskalna str. In the Soviet time there were a cafe. In a year they plan to build the new 5-storey building with different apartment, like one-, two-, three- and four-rooms ranging from 24 to 84 square meters. The prices requested for them on the project website in 2019 January ranged from 54,900 to 178,900 euros. It is for fully finished. The territory of the complex promise to fence. Green yard with a playground and parking area for 22 cars.
The location of the second project, called Legato, is 7 Balozhu str. It will include a new building and an old, fully renovated, building. The complex will consist of 18 apartments ranging from 41 to 81 square meters. m. Prices presented in the sale proposal are from 92 900 to 178 900 euros.