In the second half of October, due to J5 residential complex dedicated to its commissioning and the start of active sales a celebration was held. The owner of this holiday, the company Vestabalt, combined the event with the presentation of a new model of the prestigious automotive brand Porsche - sports Macan. Two of these events attracted increased attention: over 250 guests visited the complex J5. As part of the event, they all had the opportunity to look for new housing in J5, a complex that combines two new buildings and one completely renovated historic building. Few clients sighed purchase agreements for apartments in the J5 complex.
The project J5 consists of 41 apartments ranging from 44 to 185 m2. All of them, with the exception of penthouses, are offered with a full and high-quality finish. At the end of October, almost half of the apartments or 20 of them were reserved or sold in the complex. Available apartments are offered for the prices from 3,100 euros per square meter. The Complex J5 has underground and next to the building parking.