The last quarter of 2018, new projects of the center of Riga got an average apartment price of 2,700 euros per square meter. According to LANĪDA price indicator, there is still a negative trend in this segment. The average cost of new apartments in Jurmala by the same indicator has a figure of 2,700 euros per m2. In the neighborhoods of the capital, new housing from developers costs an average of 1,403 euros per m2, in the vicinity of Riga - 1 015. Transactions with apartments on the secondary market of the center occur at average prices of 1 507 euros per m2. For private houses, the statistics are: if they are located in the microdistricts of the capital, then you can rely on 1,131 euros per m2, if in the Riga region - 911, in Jurmala - 1 355.