In the middle of the summer in some segments of the Latvian housing market, there was a slight decline in prices, according to Latvian Association of Real Estate Transactions. The Association price index indicates that in July, 4% decrease of the average prices for Jurmala new buildings and 1% decrease for Riga's standard (serial) apartments. At the same time new housing in the centre of Riga gets a plus of 5%. So in the last month of summer, the average price of apartments in new projects in the centre of Riga was 2 760 euros per m2, in the Riga's non-centre districts - 1 375 euros per m2, in the Riga's region - 891 euros per m2, in Jurmala - 2 700 euros per m2. Private houses in Riga (out of centre) offered an average of 1,130 euros per m2 (-5% comparing to June), in the Riga's region - 895 euros per m2 (-4%), in Jurmala - 1,400 euros per m2 (+ 6%).