In the residential complex Trebū HOME, located in Riga in the area between Lubanas str, Salnas str and Kuprich str, in honour of the approaching 100-years anniversary Latvian Republic, an oak alley is planted. Ten red oaks are just planted. The height of the crowns reaches 4.5 meters. The alley will be continued.

The developer Trebū HOME plans to complete the construction of the first two residential buildings of the complex at the end of this year autumn. Riga's dwelling market will receive 108 new apartments. Trebū HOME is a long-term project – at least 25 buildings with 1,500 apartments and commercial areas will be built on its territory within ten years. The total investment is 150 million euros. Within the framework of the Trebū HOME project, a territory of more than 10 hectares will be landscaped.