This autumn one of the former administrative building in Riga district Dzirciems will start its way to turn into a loft format housing. The new loft project on the Jaunsaules street was called Botanique Loft Apartments. The height of the ceilings in the future 19 apartments is 4.5 meters. In accordance with the project, most of the Botanique housing will be compact studios with a mezzanine floor and the area from 38 to 53 кв. m. The three most spacious housing in the project have 168 and 188 m2. These are also the most expensive - with a maximum price of 338 400 euros. However, the average cost of the apartments is more modest - from 75,600 euros for 49 m2. The website of Botanique Loft Apartments says that all apartments in it are available for both buying and renting. Buyers are offered ten places for car parking for 5,000 euros per unit.