Beginning of the second half of 2018, the segment of standard Riga apartments met with average prices of 791 euro per m2. This is by 3.1% more than at the beginning of the year. In the market review presented by real estate agency Arco Real Estate it is said that the fastest increase of price this year occurred Soviet-time built apartments in Riga’s district – Teika + 5% just for six months, the slowest in Imanta district, what was + 1.7%. For each district of the capital of Latvia, Arco Real Estate company indicated the following average prices for apartments in Soviet-built houses: Teika - 952 euro per м2, Zolitude - 851 euro per м2, Purvciems – 849 euro per м2, Agenskalns – 848 euro per м2, Imanta – 842 euro per м2, Plavnieki – 834 euro per м2, Ziepniekkalns – 829 euro per м2, Mezciems – 823 euro per м2, Jugla – 791 euro per м2, Ilguciems – 769 euro per м2, Kengarags – 749 euro per м2, Vecmilgravis - 639 euro per м2 and Bolderay – 569 euro per м2. The survey says that the greatest demand for buyers is the standard dwelling houses of the 119th and 104th series of Soviet-built. Two-room apartments in the usual condition are sold for 45 000-51 000 euros.