In 2022, the construction of a new apartment building in the Klīversala Quarter, one of the most unique and historical places in Pārdaugava, will begin. The residential quarter is located in the close vicinity of the Old Town and is one of the most valued areas in Riga. The project "Blue Marine" foresees the completion of high-quality apartments, a large green area around the house and an underground parking. A building permit was issued on December 18, 2020 and this will become the next residential building in the Klīversala Quarter following the completion of River Breeze Residence in 2018.

The residential quarter in the historical and beautiful area is developed by the Latvian company LLC "Klīversala" (hereinafter referred to as "Pro Kapital Latvia") – a subsidiary of Nasdaq listed company "Pro Kapital Grupp AS" with more than 25 years of experience in the Baltic market. The lead architect of the building is Aivars Kagainis, working together with colleagues from the architectural firm LLC "Projektu birojs Grietēns un Kagainis". Due to its unique location, “Blue Marine” was an exceptionally inspiring project for architects, offering a challenge to create architecturally aesthetic homes with high-quality and energy-efficiency, in such a historically important area.

According to Olga Rudzika, member of the board of "Pro Kapital Latvia", the name of the project "Blue Marine" represents the charm of the Klīversala peninsula. "The name is a reflection of the romantic, Mediterranean atmosphere here – the sunlit peninsula, the proximity of the Āgenskalns Bay and river Daugava but also the sea. In addition, the Klīversala peninsula has historically been associated with seafarers and ships, as well as trade logistics along waterways," she said. 

The "Blue Marine" apartment building will have seven floors and 101 apartments – from studio-type up to four-bedroom penthouse apartments. The spacious apartments have a functional and very well-thought-out layout, and all homes have a terrace or balcony. The development also includes apartments that offer the opportunity to build a fireplace. All apartments have underfloor heating with the possibility to control the temperature and individual heat consumption, as well as constant air exchange, which will be provided by the building's centralized mechanical ventilation system with recuperation.

For the convenience of the owners, the building will have several elevators, a utility warehouses and a two-story underground car park, which is an important and consistent element in creating a car-free living environment in the Klīversala Quarter. The authors of the project have also carefully thought about the different needs of "Blue Marine" residents – among other things, there will be separate rooms for baby carriages and bicycles but also benches on the banks of river Daugava which create a comfortable environment for spending time in the fresh air.

The new building will integrate modern and energy-efficient technical solutions according to the latest construction requirements. Interior finishing materials will be chosen from Europe's leading manufacturers, creating a nature-friendly and sustainable living environment. "Blue Marine’s" residential and common areas combined will exceed 12 thousand m2. Construction is scheduled to begin in early 2022 and will be completed in mid-2023.

"Pro Kapital Latvia" will soon start the booking of the apartments and all future homeowners will be able to choose suitable interior finish. At this stage it is possible to change the layouts of the apartments or combine dif