According to a survey conducted by SKDS Research Center and Reaton, almost half, or 48%, of Latvian residents believe that the most difficult and energy-consuming process in the housing renovation process is choosing and buying materials for it. In addition, people are afraid of the need to be real experts in the prices of materials (39%). Lack of confidence in the quality of finishing materials (34%), as well as a lack of knowledge about how to combine these materials with each other (24%) makes housing renovation process unpleasant and even frightful. Most of them do not repair often - 52% less than once every five years, and therefore are afraid to make a mistake. The company Reaton sees a business opportunity in it and now offers a new service “Owner of the House” (Mājokļa saimnieks). By filling out a special online form on the company's website and selecting one of the three price categories, you can get a complete offer of finishing materials for repair. Depending on the level of materials Reaton offers three categories of finishing - for 69 euro/m2, 109 euro/m2 or 169 euro/m2. The offer includes consultation of an interior specialist, finishing materials for walls, floors, interior doors, plumbing, as well as delivery in Riga. Premium package also provides 3D visualization and delivery in Latvia.
Thus, Reaton proposes to avoid mistakes in design and unpredictable growth of estimates. Based on the proposed range, well known Latvian designer Agnese Rudzite created three interior styles. She noted the wide choice of finishing materials, the opportunity for creativity within the budget and positively appreciated the new service.