Fluctuations of average prices for Riga societ period build apartments in February were minimal. According to Arco Real Estate, this kind of real estate in Riga during February got more expensive – for 0.2% – to an average of 799 euros per square meter. The market offers more than 1,320 apartments in Soviet-built houses. That, however, is less than the offer that was available a year earlier. The widest choice of Riga’s apartments in Soviet-style houses is offered in the following microdistricts: Purvciems - 231, Kengarags - 171 and Imanta - 158. A more modest choice in Bolderaja – 30 apartments, Ilguciems and Zolitude – 62 apartments each. The most expensive Riga district in the segment is Teika: 956 euros per sq. m., Agenskalns with an average of 873 euros per square meter, Zolitude – 861 euros, Purvciems – 857 euros, Imanta – 850 euros, Plyavnieki – 843 euros, Ziepniekkalns – 834 euros, Mezhciems – 831 euros, Jugla – 784 euros, Kengarags – 755 euros, Vecmilgravis – 642 euros and Bolderaja 574 euros. The most demanded and therefore the most expensive apartments remain in the houses of the 119th and 104th series. Two-rooms apartments in good condition are available in that houses at prices ranging from 45,000 to 52,000 euros.