Active sales of apartments in Riga can continue for another two years, and then a recession may occur, resumes the consulting and research company Kantar TNS. According to the data from their study, from 2016 to the present moment apartments in Riga have been bought by about 30 000 families. But from the current moment to 2020, 50,000 families intend to make a purchaise. Experts note that after 2020, the market will have to survive a decline because of number of potential buyers, which is associated with low birth rates in the 1990s. Plus, many townspeople between the ages of 30 and 40 are thinking about moving to the vicinity of Riga or to the regions.
The survey conducted by Kantar TNS showed that people in the capital of Latvia would most often like to purchase 2- or 3-room apartments (44% and 42% of respondents, respectively). But the purchase of 4-room and more spacious apartments are ready to consider only 10% of respondents. The remaining 4% tend to single-room options.