Standard-Type Apartments, state in the beginning September 2018

In August 2018, standard apartment average prices in Riga housing estates in August were 794 EUR/m². Since the beginning of 2018, standard-type apartment prices have increased by 3.5% overall. This is for 51% less than in July 1, 2007, when the average price of a non-renovated standard-type apartment reached the highest ever value – 1 620 EUR/m².

Dynamics of average price of standard-type apartments in the largest housing estates of Riga, EUR

Price changes in the largest housing estates of Riga since January 1, 2018, in %

The largest growth of the average 1 m² price of an apartment in the housing estates of Riga since the beginning of 2018 was observed in Teika (+ 5 %). Also in other major housing estates of Riga the prices increased this year. The slowest apartment price growth since the beginning of this year was observed in Imanta (+ 1.6 %).

The highest prices of standard-type apartments remained in Teika in August 2018, where the average price per square meter remained unchanged at 952 EUR/m². The lowest price per square meter in August remained in Bolderāja – 569 EUR/m².